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Electric Face Cleansing Brush ⋆ Heating and Massaging ⋆ Hygeia Beauty


Order your electric vibrating facial cleansing brush, both massaging and heating. An innovation by Hygeia Beauty!

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Electric vibrating facial cleansing brush: an innovation by Hygeia Beauty

The electric silicone face massaging and heating brush is very gentle and, in addition, has a beautiful design that will fit perfectly with your other aesthetic tools.

However, it’s not just about aesthetics, but also about the well-being of your skin. This brush provides a comfortable and relaxing cleansing and skincare experience that allows you to enjoy an extreme moment of relaxation while cleaning your skin’s pores. This is the principle of this innovative face cleaning brush, which can even be used in your bath.

This brush is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and can be used with confidence regardless of your skin type.

You may already know the benefits of a warm towel on the face, a practice originating in Japan. Like a warm towel, our vibrating and heating face cleaning brush dilates the pores and removes accumulated dirt, rebalances sebum and hydration levels, and improves blood circulation.

Adjustable with 5 levels!

The high-frequency vibration cleaning brush has five adjustable speeds so you can choose the cleaning mode that suits you best. The low-speed mode gently cleanses your skin, while the high-speed mode provides an exfoliating cleanse, making it ideal for your skin.

Our Hygeia Beauty device reaches deep into your pores, and the combined heating and massaging effect is six times more effective than manual cleaning. Your skin will be more radiant than ever before!

Exfoliating, relaxing, invigorating – removing makeup or cleaning your face has never been so simple, effective, and attractive. Just remember to recharge it from time to time.

Waterproof and ergonomic design!

Our innovative facial brush is waterproof, so it can be washed directly after use, and it can even be used in your bath, providing a true moment of relaxation for your body and mind!

With its ergonomic curved design, it is easy to hold and store and will be the centerpiece of your skincare display. You won’t be able to live without it once you try it! And with the option to choose from pink, blue, or green, you can customize it to your taste or bathroom decor.

Charger – durable

The charger is easy to carry, and the heating face cleaning brush can be fully charged in two hours. However, it is recommended to charge it for more than two hours after the first use and after complete discharge.

Why not consider buying a second model? One for home and one for travel! You can even surprise your loved ones with this fantastic gift! A discount is applied when you order three or more models, so take advantage of it! Your well-being deserves it!


Pink, Blue, Green

Specifications and Information


Material: Silicone
Size: 65/30/105mm
Weight: 100g
Nominal voltage: 5V
Battery capacity: 420mAh
Waterproof rating: IPX6
Gear: Adjustable to 5 speeds

1. Silicone material, gentle and does not harm the skin, suitable for all skin types

2. Fashionable appearance

3. Full waterproof design, rinse directly with water after use, safe, quick, and easy to clean

4. Charging is safe, fast, standby, and durable

Products include:
1 Electric cleaning instrument
1 Hairband
1 User manual
1 Charging cable

1. This can extend the product’s lifespan. It is recommended to charge the cleaning equipment for more than 2 hours after initial use and after complete discharge.

2. The product contains a battery. Do not place the product in fire or high-temperature containers to avoid fire and explosion.




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